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Dynamism and fun on a seminar in Astrakhan, Russia

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Russian Tour Marc de Turck starts successfully in UFA, Bashkiria, Russian Federation

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July 13th, UFA, Bashkirie, Russian Federation. The company Vels Consulting invites for the first time Marc de Turck as Guest speaker. Although Regina until that moment was mostly doing accounting consulting, she gathered managers from different industries in UFA for the seminar on how to answer the crisis situation successfully.

Marc gave – together with his translator Kamila Khairova – his classical seminar on how to survive crisis situations with attention to the specific UFA situation stressing the importance of being there, only looking at facts, keeping a game, handling the negative people, correct positioning and handling financial difficulties successfully with very practical tips.  80% of the attendees immediately signed-up for the next seminar on sales, which will be held by

a colleague of Marc. Miss Elena Velikaia (Visotsky Consulting).

The seminar – was organised by Alexander Nikitin (Visotsky Consulting) and Vels Consulting.

This is the start of a long trip in Russia.

Next episode Belgorod

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Suites Hotel with its IDEAS hall is the winner of the contest of the best hotel in Sofia for the seminars of IDEAS FreeBoss

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IDEAS FreeBoss is since 2007 training managers in Bulgaria.

During all those years we did work with different hotels in Sofia for our open training sessions..
While delivering training we also compared different elements.

We do consider for seminars the following elements an hotel has to have in order to get a perfect result of the training: light, comfort during the breaks, service, lunch, aesthetics, view  and free parking,

After 8 years of comparing 9 top hotels in Sofia, our team finally choose Suites Hotel Bulgaria as the best hotel for our open seminars.

The hotel was managed by Mrs Julia Serafimova, who is according to me, the best hotel manager in Bulgaria I have seen and who,  as expected, took recently a bigger responsibility in the hotel group.

Hereby some pictures

More info on our seminars, click here. 


Self motivation is the key word in Bulgarian business

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Sofia, July 6th 2015, Hotel Hilton.  Marc de Turck and his team organised a introductory lecture in self motivation of people.

40 Managers attended in the hot weather in Hilton Hotel Sofia.
Marc explained the important elements as introduction to a later seminar:  Be there, look at facts, create your ideal scenes and make them visible, be a good mother as manager and move people with emotions.

He explained the emotional tone scale and its use in recruiting people. Success guaranteed.

The books of L.Ron Hubbard – as basis of the lecture – where appreciated.

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Aesthetics as possible answer to war in Ukraine

3 July 2015   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   

Kiev, July 3th 2015. Trend Masters invited Marc de Turck on their yearly B2B trainer master contest as guest speaker.

They have this yearly competition on national basis.

120 attendees managers attended the conference.
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 After the conference 5 media interviewed Marc in a fantastic venue of LOBORTAS (innovators, creators of unique jewelry to VIP) .

The main messages of Marc de Turck in a crisis situation:
Look at challenges
Increase the promotion,   Study to understand better, Be flexible
If nothing else works, aesthetics might work.

Marc also was invited on the national VESTI radio and repeated this message with as extra:

It is time to brand Ukraine on the market – it is known and can use the fact that it is known.

Success to all people in Ukraine.  More on Marc de Turck here