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Our most important clients

30 June 2015   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   

Hereby a list of our most important clients who received training, coaching or consulting services.

The services where delivered either in Belgium, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Macedonia, Greece or Russia.

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Secrets of expansion by Marc de Turck in Sofia – Suites Hotel

23 June 2015   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   
Sofia, Suites Hotel, June 23th 2015.  In our famous IDEAS Hall of the hotel.14 Bulgarian top managers attended the seminar on Secrets of expansion, In the morning the subject was about what stops you from expansion, explaining how nobody else but the person himself stops himself from expansion.

The afternoon was filled with solutions on what to do to stably expand and to go out of the comfort zone in a controlled way using L.R. Hubbard writings on the conditions of operation and their formula’s

After the seminar 4 managers gave a very nice interview about what they thought about the seminar and what they would say to their friends about it.

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