J Point Bulgaria gets introduced into sales techniques

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Sales people today are overloaded with behavioristic tools and information on how to increase their sales.  Even though those tools and information have a positive effect on sales, I cannot but comment that it is risky business only to work with behavior.  Every person who is blindly in love knows after a while how risky it is to only look at the body or the behavior of a person.  There are quite some perfect actors on the sales market.

On the other hand, knowing the conviction of a person is not always easy.

What is than a no-fail technique to know who is in front of you?  Emotions.  This is the key. Emotions is the energy the person with his conviction gives to his body to move. And by looking at the energy, one can find what is the thinking of a person and look through the mask.

This has been proven of extreme big value in sales, especially when the client has a magnificent bahavior backed by a totally antagonistic conviction. The sales person in that case will fall in the trap of the buyer.

In order to overcome this, one has to know very well the emotions, since with this knowledge, the salesperson will be able to see more precise who will buy and who now.

With this information in mind, J Point invited Marc J. de Turck as guest speaker on a lecture held for its sales people.
Marc made the sales people realize what conviction really is and how to use correctly the emotions to move people.
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More info of our I love sales seminar? Click here.


OK Supertrans managers get data on managing a despatch team.

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The fameous O.K. Supetrans taxi comapny in Bulgaria chose Marc de Turck as guest speaker to its managers for a lecture on managing a team of despatchers. The lecture was held on June 15th 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Here is what the Marketing Manager of OK supetrans has to say: ” The employees with managerial functions of “One Euro” and “OK Supertrans” attended a special lecture by world-renowned mentor Marc de Turk. This training was made possible by the consulting firm IDEAS FreeBoss.   Managers of “One Euro” and “OK Supertrans” have learned a lot of new things about managing employee contacts, customer relationships, and inter-corporate relationships.   Mr. de Turck has 25 years of experience as a lecturer, business consultant and motivator. He has trained more than 30,000 managers in 30 countries around the world and has helped more than 800 companies to develop their business.

More info on www.freeboss.eu

Bulgarian business people get introduced into Internet Marketing Tactics and Strategies

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Social media, e-shop, e-commerce, inbound, outbound, onpage etc are the new terminologies used in promoting one’s services and products.

Many internet promotion service providers educate and deliver their services on the virtual market.  Quite some marketeers are already experienced in using its tools and tactics.

Per a survey done by us however, we observed quite some business people using only a small part of all tools available on the virutal promotion market.

That is why IDEAS FreeBoss looked in its circle for the most experienced virutal promotion education providers and invted Sergio Mazarakis to deliver a one day seminar to its clients, knowing very well that a one day seminar is not enough to introduce business people to all possible tactics, going from SEO, over to SMS campaigns.

However, Sergio Mazarakis – partner of ideas freeboss intl – delivered a complete seminar on how to use the most important tools with guaranteed success.  His seminar is followed by a free consultation.

More info on http://www.freeboss.eu .  Hereunder some pictures .
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The schools in Samokov get a full day of lectures about L.Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology and about drug prevention.

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The schools and the Municipality of Samokov took care of the knowledge of teenagers

Bulgaria, Samokov, Elementary School Peter Beron.  May 4th 2017.

The teacher Mariana Ilieva in Samokov School “Peter Beron”, who is licensed member in Applied Scholastics (C) invited Monique de Clerck to be guest speaker on 4 lectures to different classes teenagers and also to teachers.

In the afternoon Monique met the teachers of 15 different schools in the region. read more

What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 2)

1 May 2017   •   Newsletter   •   1 comment   
What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 2)

Don’t do this mistake

A lot of managers stuck into one level of expansion of their business and they struggle going up, because they do this big mistake. The mistakes is that they behave and think like a victim. They start to believe they are stuck, but actually they are stucked in their own beliefs or as we said they have this victim mentality.  read more

What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part1)

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I would like to direct your attention to something very simple but very important for managers. And this is: WHAT YOU HEAR AND ACCEPT DETERMINES YOUR SUCCESS.  WHAT YOU HEAR AND ACCEPT DETERMINES YOUR PROBLEM – which one you will choose is the question. They are both true. read more

The Bulgarian timber industry gets positioned.

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Wednesday, March 29th 2017.  Bulgaria, Sofia.
The Bulgarian Timber Chamber invites Marc de Turck and Nevena Topalova as guest speakers on Positioning on the market.  17 companies of the timber market attended the lecture and received a unique, simple and practical approach which opened their eyes.

Ukrainian business people get tools to free themselves

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Ukraine, Kiev, Diamant Centre, February 3th 2017.

Olerom, the leading events and seminars company in Ukraine, invites Marc de Turck as guest speaker to deliver his worldwide known FreeBoss seminar.

The seminar will be followed by a 3 day consulting session for VIPs in May.

Business Radio Group Ukraine (A group of 4 national radio stations with +/- 1000 000 listeners) made an interview after the seminar and will broadcast daily for some months an interview with Marc de Turck.  Marc speaks about different main points of a leader, a manager and about L.Ron Hubbard.

Also Strategic Business Review (a leading business magazine) interviewed Marc.

How To Put In Action The Law Of Attraction

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How to put in action the law of attraction in your life?

If you think that by focusing on the negative things and by negative things I mean things you do not want in your life or things you are afraid of happen in your life, then you absolutely will attract this negative things. read more

Interlease means business with its sales seminar

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Bulgaria, Sofia, January 24th 2017.
Interlease Bulgaria invites Marc de Turck and Nevena Topalova on a sales seminar delivered to its sales representatives.

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