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The schools in Samokov get a full day of lectures about L.Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology and about drug prevention.

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The schools and the Municipality of Samokov took care of the knowledge of teenagers

Bulgaria, Samokov, Elementary School Peter Beron.  May 4th 2017.

The teacher Mariana Ilieva in Samokov School “Peter Beron”, who is licensed member in Applied Scholastics (C) invited Monique de Clerck to be guest speaker on 4 lectures to different classes teenagers and also to teachers.

In the afternoon Monique met the teachers of 15 different schools in the region. read more

What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 2)

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What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 2)

Don’t do this mistake

A lot of managers stuck into one level of expansion of their business and they struggle going up, because they do this big mistake. The mistakes is that they behave and think like a victim. They start to believe they are stuck, but actually they are stucked in their own beliefs or as we said they have this victim mentality.  read more